book – Faster than Forecast

“Faster than Forecast: the story ice tells about abrupt climate change”

book by Dr. Jason Box

Accompanied by numerous first-hand videos and written in plain language, the American “ice maverick”, Professor Jason Box leads readers through a personal 30 year scientific adventure. This is the story that Greenland ice tells about abrupt anthropogenic climate change, and its global consequences.

The readers and viewers understand how the Arctic is a ‘leading edge of climate breakdown’. The book concludes with a personal experience of radical resistance culture having surprising benefits, underlined with video clips.

After framing grave climate impacts, a narrow window of opportunity for prosperity is defined, but only by following a set of radical solutions, described in the book, will the worst aspects of climate catastrophe be averted.

With each book sold, a number of trees will be planted in the name of book buyer, coordinates and updates shared as our trees take a little bite out of the climate catastrophe.

more chapters will be posted – Jason Box – 31 May, 2022

Faster than Forecast trailer

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